from the Kerrville Folk Festival AUG/SEPT. 2008

Drive into the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, and you'll see the hospitable banner announcing "Welcome Home."

It portrays Kerrville's down-home folksy attitude, and festival promoters sincerely hope that they'll see you again. Kerrville has certainly been a second home of sorts to traveling troubadour Kevin Danzig, a four-time New Folk Finalist who finally got his chance to play the mainstage, where this live recvording occurred. While that was a crowning moment of a quarter-century carreer, more important when the rubber met the road, Danzig delivered a performance worthy of it's billing. Overall, it's a highly personal, soul-revealing set in which the tender tenor discloses deep feelings on many of life's realities, including break-ups and, better yet, unconditional love ("As Long As I Know That You Love Me") that are beautifully expressed. Additionally, Danzig seems like someone who's also in touch with the feelings of others, as evidenced on "My Best Friend Has A Sweetheart", on which he acknowledges a buddy constantly left out when cupid's arrow strikes. But, don't think of this as solely Danzig, the sensitive new-age folkie. Songs like "Never Give Up", and "Dysfunctional Family Bingo" are quite motivating in their themes of perseverance. ---Dan Willging/Dirty Linen Magazine



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