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Smile Of My Old Face

Live Radio - Until the Sirens Call

Live Radio - Fingertips

Sweet San Clemente

Time is Right
At the request of many fans and listeners, the new CD is Kevin’s first to include cover songs, along with seven original songs. The covers are all by songwriters/artists who have inspired Kevin over the years (in order of appearance on the CD), Queen (John Deacon), Eric Clapton, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (Burt Bacharach/Hal David), John Lennon/Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Judy Garland, (H. Arlen-E.Y. Harburg), and Joni Mitchell. The CD was recorded in the Fall of 2009 in Tustin, CA at MZB Studios. Recording Engineer Jaime Browning knew just the right microphones to use to bring out Kevin’s best vocals. It’s just Kevin with his Taylor Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar and G harmonica. It’s made to sound like he’s crooning just to you and your significant other. The love songs, like any relationship, deal with different phases of romance. THE TIME IS RIGHT starts out with a “make-up” after a “break up” between two people. It also says a bit about global warming…but even that won’t get in the way of true love! YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND is the next phase of friendship between the same couple. BLESSING IN DISGUISE is once again a feeling of wonder and merriment over being brought together by “the stars”….and being attracted by eyes that promise delightful sin, only to unveil themselves as heaven itself. WONDERFUL TONIGHT has always been one of Kevin’s most requested covers and fits in nicely in this line-up. MOURNING DOVE tells of a pet that interferes with much needed sleep, however the pet in this case is worth the interruption. THIS GUY’S IN LOVE WITH YOU may be the strongest track among the 14, and says it all. FREDA is Kevin’s romantic way of paying homage to his wife…IN MY LIFE talks more deeply about family and friends that have passed on and although loved, could not hold a candle to the deepest love felt between two hearts…YOU is another song about the wonder of true love. IN YOUR EYES is very spiritual and delves even deeper into the heart and soul of love between two people. HAPPY TODAY is the first sign that the relationship has begun to have it’s up’s and down’s…perhaps leading to another break up. OVER THE RAINBOW is the result of a parting of ways and the lost feeling one gets when separation occurs. WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND ME is an honest portrayal of lonelieness, with one partner trying to make the best of things when he’s not with the one he loves. Finally, BOTH SIDES NOW talks about having loved and lost and realizing the roller coaster that love can be can leave one with the feeling that they really don’t know love at all. NOW, start the CD over again and never give up on love!

Danzig & Woolley/THE KEY
Danzig calls to mind Cat Stevens, and shows a lively, theatrical flair for vocal phrasing and nuance. Together with Woolley's vocal harmonies, the two create a richly enmeshed counterpoint to their acoustic rhythms. Danzig and Woolley jokingly tag their style as "Dysfunctional Folk". Danzig has absorbed traditional British and American folk; country and blues; and the inventive arrangements of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Simon and Garfunkel. But he says his melodic sensibility has been equally shaped by Lennon and McCartney. Woolley cites Janis Ian as a major influence, for her "eclectic mix of harmonies and themes."

Free the Poet is Danzig's third recorded outing -- his second with Woolley. The two transcend their folk influences to create a melodic and original style, deftly shifting rhythms and instrumental accents along the way to forge an eclectic sound: In "Yo-Yo", Woolley's bells brightly cap the beats; spoons, banjo, and banjolin add an old-time touch to "Troubadour"; and throughout, Wooley's mandolin tremelo sweetly colors each track, from the baroque-folk hue of "Crowe's Feet" to the elegantly adorned groove in "You're Gonna Love Me".
- Excerpt from Taylor Guitar Website.

Loud and Clear
Now Available
1. Cradle Mi in Your Palm
2. Fingertips
3. From Here
4. I get Lifted Up
5. Loud and Clear
6. Never Give Up
7. Not So Close
8. Peace to Us All
9. Something in His Eyes
10. Sweet Rain Pure Rivers
11. Smile of my Old Face
12. Whippoorwill
13. The Lighthouse
Time is Right
Now Available

1. The Time is Right
2. You're my Best friend
3. Blessing in Disguise
4. Wonderful Tonight
5. Morning Dove
6. The Guy's in Love with You
7. Freda
8. In my Life
9. You
10. In Your Eyes
11. Happy Today
12. Over the The Rainbow
13. When You're Not Around Me
14.Both Sides Now
Box Cars
Box Cars
Feet Of Clay
Oklahoma Twilight
We Won't Live Like This
The Promised Land
Who's Livin' It Up Now
The Oklahoma Miner
You Can See Forever
Until The Sirens Call
Route 66 - (I Didn't Know This Road Went Through Kansas)
Welcome Home -
1. Fear of the Unknown Woman
2. As Long as I know That you Love me
3. My Best Friend Has a Sweetheart (Tom's Song)
4. Faith be Mine Tonight
5. Love Stumbles In
6. I Call it Love
7. We Won't Live Like This
8. Burgundy Wine
9. She's Rock & Roll
10. Never Give Up
11. Dysfunctional Family Bingo
12. Follow Through With What you Say
13. People Holding Hands
14. Thubelina
15. Sweet Rain (In Honor of Greenpeace)

Review by

1. Out of My Way *LISTEN NOW*
2. Ms. Miriam *LISTEN NOW*
3. Fear of the Unknown Woman*LISTEN NOW*
4. Sold *LISTEN NOW*
5. The Great Mississippi *LISTEN NOW*
6. J'ai Marches dans de Poop*LISTEN NOW*
7. Local Crazies on Parade (Live) *LISTEN NOW*
8. Making Memories *LISTEN NOW*
9. Baby of the Family *LISTEN NOW*
10. Marion *LISTEN NOW*
12. Romantic (Live) *LISTEN NOW*
13. Shimmering Waters *LISTEN NOW*
Free The Poet  
1. You're Gonna Love Me Again
2. Thick
3. The Great Mississippi
4. Free The poet
5. Vagabond *LISTEN NOW*
6. Crow's Feet
7. Purgatory
8. Communion
9. Troubador
10. I've Got A Crazy Life
11. Full Speed Ahead
12. Yo-Yo *LISTEN NOW*
13. Beatlebob
14. Peace To Us All
15. Birds Of Paradise
1. Van Gogh Firefly
2. She's Rock and Roll
3. Imaginery Friend
4. I Haven't Been Myself *LISTEN NOW*
5. Colorful Clarissa
6. The Liar's Corner
7. '71 *LISTEN NOW*
8. She's So Attractive
9. Rainy Day
10. Thoughtless
11. Mama Told Me
(The Duck Song)
The Key
1. Wyoming
2. The Key
3. The 13th Floor *LISTEN NOW*
4. Halloween in Marblehead
written by Don Oja-Dunaway..
arranged by Danzig & Woolley
5. Callous
6. Divine Intervention
7. Saltwater Cowboy
written by Capt. Guy Gentry, Danzig & Woolley
8. Frustrated Angel
9. My Favorite Candy
10. Chernobyl
11. Yesterday's Gone *LISTEN NOW*
Current Playlists
1. A Businessman's Business, (a cowboy's
2. Another Side of New York
3. Beatle Bob
4. Bed
5. Best of Friends
6. Birds Of Paradise
7. Box Cars
8. Burgundy Wine
9. Colorful Clarissa
10. Come Clean
11. Communion, (something in his eyes)
12. Cradle Me In Your Palm
13. Crazy In Love
14. Crow's Feet
15. Daddy's Little Girl
16. Death Row
17. Dysfunctional Family Bingo
18. Easy To Love
19. Eye To Eye
20. Faith, Be Mine Tonight
21. Fear Of The Unknown Woman
22. Feet Of Clay
23. Fingertips
24. First Tourist In Outer Space
25. Fishbowl
26. Freedom Rings
27. Free The Poet
28. Frustrated Angel
31. Great Mississippi
32. Hands On Experience
33. Happy Scabs
34. Happy Today
35. He Ain't Worth The Drive
36. Hey Dean!
37. I Call It Love
38. I Haven't Been Myself
39. Imaginary Friend
40. In The Shadow Of The Arch
41. I've Got A Crazy Life
42. Jai' Marches Dans Du Poop
43. Jonathan's Plea
44. King Kong Came Close
45. Kissing Amanda
46. Left Behind
47. Liar's Corner
48. Local Crazies On Parade
49. Love Stumbles In
50. Making Memories
51. Marion
52. Maximum Strength Love

53. Mourning Dove
54. My Chauffer
55. My Favorite Candy
56. My Mind Was On You, (but my body wasn't thinking)
57. Ms. Miriam
58. Music Town
59. Never Give Up
60. North Carolina
61. Out Of My Way
62. Peace To Us All
63. Pearly Gates
64. Purgatory, (come along trustworthy.)
65. Rainy Day 66. Retzina Wine
67. Romantic
68. Route 66, (I didn't know this road went through Kansas)
69. Saltwater Cowboy
70. Say Hello To Love
71. Serious Looks
72. Seventy One
73. She's An Artist
74. She's Rock N' Roll
75. Shimmering Waters
76. Sisyphus
77. Sold
78. Somewhere in Arizona, (Grand Canyon)
79. Streets of New Orleans
80. Sweet Rain
81. The Key
82. The Law
83. The Lighthouse
84. The Smile Of My Old Face
85. Thick
86. Thoughts of Yesterday
87. Thumbelina
88. The 13th Floor
89. Troy
90. T.V.
91. Vagabond
92. Van Gogh Firefly
93. We Won't Live Like This
94. Whippoorwill
95. World Rushing By
96. Wyoming
97. Yesterday's Gone
98. You
99. You Can See Forever
100. You're Gonna Love Me Again
Songs co-written with Freda Danzig
101. Not So Close
102. Sweet San Clemente
103. From Here,(A View From Camp Pendleton)
104. Mama's Taking Control Of This Party,(written with Wayne Parker)
105. The One You Feed

ANIMALS House of the Rising Sun
BEACH BOYS Surfer Girl
BEATLES Help!, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Norwegian Wood, Blackbird,Yesterday, A Day In The Life, I Saw Her Standing There, Ticket To Ride, Here Comes The Sun, Dear Prudence, Rocky Raccoon, Here There and Everywhere, Hey Jude, In My Life, Eight Days A Week
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity
BREAD I Want To Make It With You
JACKSON BROWNE Late For The Sky, Take It Easy, Fountain Of Sorrow
JOHNNY CASH: A Boy Named Sue
HARRY CHAPIN Cat’s In The Cradle
ERIC CLAPTON Wonderful Tonight
MARC COHN Silver Thunderbird
COUNTING CROWS 'Round Here, Long December, Mr. Jones
JIM CROCE You Don’t Mess Around With Jim, Operator, Time In A Bottle
CROSBY, STILLS, & NASH Teach Your Children, Love The One Your With
JOHN DENVER Rocky Mountain High, Country Roads, Annie’s Song, I'm Sorry, Sunshine On My Shoulders
NEIL DIAMOND Solitary Man, I Am I Said
DON OJA DUNAWAY Halloween In Marblehead
BOB DYLAN Blowin’ in the Wind, A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, The Times They Are a’Changing, Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, Like A Rolling Stone, Tangled Up in Blue With God on Our Side, Mr. Tambourine Man
DAN FOGELBURG Leader of the Band, Same Old Lang Syne, Longer
DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Ants Marching, Grey Street
EAGLES Desperado, Lyin’ Eyes, Tequilla Sunrise, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Hotel California
FLEETWOOD MAC Gypsy, Landslide, Dreams
PETER GABRIEL Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes
JUDY GARLAND Somewhere Over The Rainbow
JOHN GORKA A Stranger With Your Hair
GRATEFUL DEAD Friend Of The Devil
DAVID GRAY Sail Away ARLO GUTHRIE City Of New Orleans
WOODY GUTHRIE This Land is Your Land
GEORGE HARRISON Give Me Love,(Give Me Peace On Earth)
JOHN HIATT Memphis in the Meantime
BILLY JOEL Piano Man, Only The Good Die Young
ELTON JOHN Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, Daniel, Your Song, I Need You To Turn To, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Crocodile Rock, Love Song
JACK JOHNSON: Bubble Toes, Better Together
FRANCIS SCOTT KEY The Star Spangled Banner
KINGSTON TRIO Greenback Dollar
LED ZEPPLIN Stairway To Heaven, Thank You
GORDON LIGHTFOOT If You Could Read My Mind, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Carefree Highway
KENNY LOGGINS House at Pooh Corner, Run River Run, Danny’s Song
DON MACLEAN Vincent, American Pie
MAMAS AND THE PAPAS California Dreamin'
DAVE MASON We Just Disagree
ROGER MILLER King of the Road
JONI MITCHELL Free Man In Paris, Troubled Child, Both Sides Now, The Circle Game, Big Yellow Taxi
MODERN ENGLISH I'll Stop The World And Melt With You
RAY LA MONTAIGNE Hold You in My Arms
MOODY BLUES Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon
VAN MORRISON Into the Mystic, Brown Eyed Girl MICHAEL MURPHY Wildfire
WILLIE NELSON Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain, Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, Don't Fence Me In, Crazy
JOAN OSBORNE What if God Was One Of Us
WAYNE PARKER This Van’s For Sale, Oklahoma Twilight
ELLIS PAUL Autobiography of a Pistol
PEARL JAM Better Man, Wild Eyed Crazy Mary
PETER, PAUL, AND MARY Puff The Magic Dragon, Leaving On a Jet Plane, The Wedding Song
TOM PETTY and the HEARTBREAKERS The Waiting, Even The Losers, Breakdown, Free Fallin', American Girl
PINK FLOYD Breathe, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb
ELVIS PRESLEY I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
JOHN PRINE Hello In There, Illegal Smile, Angel From Montgomery, Spanish Pipedream, Paradise
QUEEN You're My Best Friend
R.E.M. Man In The Moon, Losing My Religon, The One I Love
OTIS REDDING Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
KENNY ROGERS She Believes In Me, The Gambler
ROLLING STONES Honky Tonk Women, Angie
BOB SEGER Night Moves, Against The Wind
DUNCAN SHIEK: Barely Breathing
SHELL SILVERSTEIN: Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
PAUL SIMON American Tune, Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard, Mother And Child Reunion
SIMON & GARFUNKEL Mrs. Robinson, Kathy’s Song, Homeward Bound, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water
SIN BANDERA Entra En Mi Vida
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born To Run, The River, Fire, Hungry Heart, Thunder Road
RINGO STARR Photograph
STING Fields of Gold
CAT STEVENS Wild World, Peace Train, Moonshadow, The Wind
ROD STEWART You're In My Heart, (The Final Acclaim)
JAMES TAYLOR Sweet Baby James, Fire N’ Rain, How Sweet it is,(to be loved by you)
B. J. THOMAS Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
U2 In God's Country, One
THE WHO Pinball Wizard, Behind Blue Eyes, Squeeze Box
BILL WITHERS Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
STEVIE WONDER You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
GARY WRIGHT Dreamweaver
NEIL YOUNG Cinnamon Girl, Old Man, After The Gold Rush, Comes A Time, The Needle and the Damage Done, Tell Me Why, Harvest Moon

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