Over the past 30 years, Kevin has been a part of many recording projects. Due to contractual conflicts, or questionable production tactics, some of them are either out of print of no longer available. So, if you've got a copy, HOLD ON TO IT!

They are:
1997 LATELY Kevin's favorite of his collections of works featuring some of New Orleans finest musicians, helping to season the mix.

FREE THE POET Cathe Danzig and Eddie Crist are all over this recording helping to give it a more traditional "folk" sound. Other noteworthy guest performances include Mike West on Banjo and Myshkin on percussion and vocals. A favorite of many of Kevin's listeners.

2001 THE KEY A collaboration between Cat Woolley and Kevin Danzig, with wonderful fretless bass played by Tommy Kennedy and a number of full band tracks that give this CD a harder edge...while remaining mostly acoustic. This remains Cat Woolley's favorite of her works...
2004 KEVIN DANZIG The new Self-Titled Album!This is Kevin's 5th release and in his own words, "my best one yet"It features a wide range of emotions ranging from Love to Sorrow...from frustration to elation...there are some clever character studies as well...helping Kevin out are musician's Ken Keller, Jerimy Obergoenner, and Jill Watkins...as well as many of the common folk of Cape Girardeau, MO...
2006 WELCOME HOME is a tribute to Kerrville as well as to San Clemente, CA, Danzig's new home. The CD features melodic love ballads, driving acoustic rock tunes and soulful songs about heartbreak, rock & roll and unrequited love, and social conscious raising tracks about preserving Native Peoples culture and protecting the environment. Of course, the CD includes Kevin's trademark tongue-in-cheek character studies.
2008 BOX CARS - Heartland Soulful Rock focusing on the Tri-State area of MO/KS/OK. Produced by MIKE WEST
2012 LOUD AND CLEAR This is a collection of Kevin's more spiritual songs, re-recorded and re-mastered for this collection. It was produced by Box Cars producer, Mike West at his Ninth Ward Pickin' Parlor in Lawrence, KS.
Other Kevin Danzig recordings currently out of print:
1972 50 CHILDRENS FAVORITES K-Tel records
1983 THE FIRST YEAR (Kevin Danzig Band) cassette only
1986 D. TALES (DANZIG BAND) vinyl only
1990 TWO FOR ONE (The Danzigs) cassette only
1992 THE HEARD (4 song EP) cassette only
1994 THINKING OUT LOUD Kevin Danzig
Compilations and Collections:
1981 KFMK's Big Music America (Houston area songwriter's collection)
featuring Kevin's song, "Hiding From Reality"
1982 Houston Music Album (a collection of songs about HOUSTON)
featuring Kevin's song "Houston"
1986 Soundtrack to the movie SOULTAKER starring Joe Estavez
songs featured are "Happy Today", "Something Ain't Right" and
"You Got Me, Kelly"
1989 The Harbinger Album (collection of Mobile Alabama area bands)
featuring the Danzig Band's "Everybody Needs Love"
1998 The Best of Independant Music Volume 1 (a collection of SONGS.COM artists, Kevin does "Van Gogh Firefly")
2000 Oasis Acoustic Sampler
featuring Kevin's song "Purgatory"
2002 PAZFEST (a New Orleans tribute to the songs of Joni Mitchell)
Danzig & Woolley do "The Priest" and "Troubled Child"
2002 Oasis Acoustic Sampler
featuring Danzig & Woolley's song "The Key"
2004 The Great Mississippi
This album is a compilation done by
the city of Cape Girardeau.
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